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Re: 959 Sighting Doubtful

...  and the picture, like the many UFO sightings, was blurry enough to be a
Ruf job....  yep, but two were confirmed sighted in CA, impounded cars,
supposedly, with no valid plates...  Maybe registered to a valiant....  BTW,
there is more than just me as the source for this, at least two of the rags
C&D, autoweek if I member correct had 959 sightings from their spies out
west....  Plus, Porsche did bring in one that had many a sighting out
east....  Oh, the doubtful, and the reality....  The two were at impounded as
"street cars" in CA, that doesn't mean they can't come in to the country,
however.........  And take the risk to drive it, I know I would....