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Re: Ur-q mystery valve

    The valve is a cylinder about 2" long and 1" in diameter. there are 
   three inlets, one small for engine vacuum and two larger (3/8" or 1/2") 
   that are connected one to the bottom rear of the intake manifold and the 
   other to the same tee that feeds metered air to such things as the 
   auxilary air regulator and the air conditioning idle-increase-solenoid 
   (or whatever they call it).

Didn't ring any bells, went out to pore over my engine compartment (also
an '83 UrQ, you've piqued my curiousity!). Damn, that little sucker is
really "embedded" down in there, ain't it?

Hmmm...ties into that 5-way "T" that branches off before the throttle
plate. Not the Aux Air Regulator. Not the AC Idle Thingie. Not the Fuel
Vapor/Carbon-Canister Gizmo Valve. Not the PCV assembly. Hmmm...what is
that thing?! I vaguely recall once reading that there is another emmis-
sions POC called a "Decel Valve" -- I wonder if that's what it is? I'll
try to remember to look over my copious (cough cough) documentation to-
night. I couldn't even see where the "little" (vacuum?) line ran, it
was completely buried underneath the fuel distributor/paraphernalia! It
does look like it could feed an awful lot of air into the manifold, eh?