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Big Boosts

Alan, take the intercooler to t-body hose off, check the bottom of it around
those metal rings for cracks and or leaks, sounds to me like you have a
air/vacuum problem.....  Also check the t at the top of the valve cover (pcv
lines, and the pcv hose to the engine) for cracks/leaks...  Then chase the
hoses back to the turbo.....  Cracks leaks will not raise the the air
flap....   Regarding the air flap, there was a procedure for it's adj in an
old issue of EC for the VW's, the procedure is the same for the audi's (could
be sticking)...   Regarding the boost pop of the intercooler, a legitimate
concern, but I'm running  2.3 bar max with no (knock/knock) probs yet...
 However, that is the main reason, I found out, for the bypass valve (see old
posts)....  have one in my possession, guess I'll be thinkin of putting it
on....  Well maybe I'll have one more beer (and it still isn't done)....
 Heard of one guy who is running the big boost that just stretched two
massive hose clamps around the intercooler......   Hey s'workin....