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Re: High-pitched squeal...

          WRT my high pitched squeal...it's gone now :)

          I had all belts replaced and had a breather hose replaced as
          well last week. Don't know which cured it or maybe just good

          BTW, I put 5 quarts of Castrol Syntec into the beast as
          well. I understand that all pure synthetics are far better
          than most dino juice, and that the differences between the
          synthetics are mostly marketing related (paraphrasing that
          bastion of motoring experience, Consumer Retorts)

          I've run Mobil 1 and Syntec, can't say I could prove
          anything from the experience, other than general good
          feelings about having oil on the bearing surfaces at cold
          start. (even at 30 below).

          Anyway, just a note to thank everyone for the input on the
          squealing problem.

          Lee Levitt
          1990 Audi 200T, 60K
          1988 Volvo 745T, 106K