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Re: Hella 1000's

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

>  Sorry I got you cranked on the unavailability of the 190's bob, the 1K's
> good lights, yep, the 2000's are the best tho, but are kinda big.....  How
> many ya goin with bob?  Got some mounting ideas for yo when yer ready......

Not a prob. THere appears to be many decent lights on the market today. 
The 2000's just dont seem realistic for most applications.. I wanted to 
be able to see out my window! :)
The 1000's seem tough to get as well, but the Piaa 8364's were 
recommended. I dont like Piaas, but I said I would give them a look 
anyway, trying to keep an open mind.  :) (Note: Open, not empty!)
I was quoted a price of $239 for the soup to nuts parts. Should be all I 
need. Know where I can beat that? These arer 7" round, a nice size for 
the 90 body I think.

RE: mounting... I think I have it all figgered out without(!!) drilling 
any holes anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just have to fabricate a simple 
stainless or aluminum bracked which I can weld up in minutes.  WOuld LOVE 
to hear your idea though, many ways to kill a cat.

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