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Re: Special Tools?

 > I am looking to price a special tool to remove struts on my Audi 200T. I 
 > remember a company by the name of Zelenda (sp?) which sold special tools for
 > German cars. Anyone have an address or phone number for this company?

No, but Stranos (800-729-1831, ask for "Arlyn") says they carry Zelenda. 

Another source is Assenmacher Specialty Tools (AST) (800-525-2943, from
an old catalog). In 1992, part #2069 was $68. It's a long, hollow, hex
socket. One of the list members mentioned an offer to do some quotes for
us if there's interest. If a good discount, I'm interested in tools such
 Fuel pressure gauge with fittings for CIS-E (VW #1318 and K100-5)

 A racheting/latching version of #H798-5, Hazet's version of the plier to
 use on those blasted radiator hose clamps.

 Pulley holder (#2084) and maybe wrench (#2079) for R&R of crankshaft pulley.
 Another list member knew a machinist that made the holder and got the
 names of interested members. I would rather go that route (cheaper), but
 if it'll be awhile, ...

 I've seen other sources (Techtonics) for the exhaust-spring-clip remover 
 (#2585), but this looks fairly nice.
 Any other sources for these tools? TIA!
-- Eddi

 > Thanks.
 > Peter