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Re: Special Tools?

On Mar 27,  4:01pm, Steve Powers wrote:
> Subject: Re: Special Tools?
> Re: special tools for strut removal
> Very simple, Grasshopper...
> Go to your local auto supply house and get an O2 sensor
> removal socket. .... Get a 7mm (long) hex
> key  ...

> as 'they' say: been there, .....
>-- End of excerpt from Steve Powers

	But, O Great Master, where can I find the rare and
	precious VW/Audi tool 2069 with which to remove the
	threaded cap holding the cartridge? Or do you wish
	me to go into battle armed with Channelocks, as other
	warriors before me have done? :-))

	- Arun "been there, had Sears do it" Rao
Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
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