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Yoko AVS. now SP8000LW

[from Scott]

>A fine tire, but not a long wearing, nor an everyday tire......  And the rain
>is not a kind environment......   If you are in the avs league, check out the
>D40M2 or if you want to spend more, go for the SP8000, both are superior in
>every aspect, except the dry handling department, the avs are stiff, a nice
>tire to drive to and at the QC events, but then the A001/8 is bettrn than the
>avs there anyhow (I got the A008's on the stock q rims in the 205/50 15X6
>config for the QC/auto-x events myself)...

The recent Tire Rack flyer/small mag I got listed a new SP8000 from the
Dunlop boys. They are a lightweight version running a aramide casing. (read
kevlar) I've had kevlar on my bike tires since the late 80's.

Lower unsprung weight. And less rotational mass to accelerate/decelerate.
Don't know cost or sizes available

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu