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The (direct) costs of speed

The recent threads regarding stealth, stalking, and RD
confiscation have gotten me thinking:

What are the *real* (direct) costs of speed (by state)?

That is, would anybody care to reveal their states's
fee/fine structures by speed increment (or equipment

If so, I'll try to get a "fee/fine FAQ" together.  $
amounts should be accurate (try calling your state's DMV
or Highway Patrol office.  If they're reluctant, tell 'em
you think it'd have a "deterrant" effect, and they should
give freely.

The fine structure here in Oregon is nearly draconian,
and the deppities & troopers are getting serious with
new Z28 pursuit cars.  A priceless quote from our
local paper (Eugene _Register-Guard_) had one Traffic
Team member saying it was much safer to have the new
patrol cars, since "we can move into the traffic flow
more quickly and and get the 'committed speeders' at 
140 (!)"  >:0  Yikes and grrr.  Somehow, going 140 in a 55 zone
to get the occasional speeder humming along at 70 strikes
me as both obtuse and foolish.

Might be useful for planning trips in our, er, Audis
(There!  Got it in!), since the summer vacation planning
season is nearly upon us.

Dan Wood

"Speed is just a question of money.  How fast can you
afford to go?" --sign on speed shop in Mad Max 1