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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> OK, now this is going to be under the hood, under the black plastic cap 
> up in front of the windshield, right?  

Yes. The plastic cap prys off easily.

 > Um, can the upper bearing be replaced without the removal of the strut or
 > wheel?  

I have only changed struts using the car-on-ground method. Looking at the
car, I'd say "No". It's sandwiched by the weight of the car on the springs.

 > I can't remember what it looks like under there - can this all be done
 > from the top of the engine bay, right where that plastic cap is?  I've been
 > reading all of the posts about the strut removal/replacement process, and
 > dreading doing this myself. Do I have to go through all of those proceedures
 > as well just to replace a strut bearing?  

Mostly, yes. I'd heard of spring compressors that fit in some wheels wells
and are safe to use, but you'll be jacking up the car and it'll be too 
cramped to be worth it, anyway.
 > Uhh, mark the allignment of what? 

Under the plastic cap is a triangular metal plate with oval holes and
three studs holding it. This is for wheel alignment (camber?). Mark 
the chassis by tracing around edge of the plate and/or the location 
of the (fixed) studs relative to the plate.

 >  I need a Bentley!

It is one of the more useful manuals, although, most of the time, it 
doesn't give reasons behind the steps.

-- Eddi

 > -Mike
 > 87 5000CS TQ