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cheap DS carrier brngs

> Anyway - at 190K miles, the carrier bearing on my drive shaft is wizzing and
> growling like crazy.  My mechanic said he is not sure that he can replace the
> bearing considering the rust and melted bearing stuff on my car - I guess I'm
> looking for a used drive shaft or rebuilt one (if anyone rebuilds them), or some
> ideas on how to save mine. I'm, looking at $550 for a used one from Shokan with
> installation (of course, I've got a used one now so how much better off would I
> be).

 I'm not sur why your carrier bearing can't be replaced separately. Drive 
shafts don't tend to rust-out. I paid $45 for a new bearing for my 
Ur-quattro if anything the one for your car would be even cheaper 
(although if you are paying for labor the difference is not so great) I 
bought my bearing from TIOGA driveshaft exchange in Pa. 1-800-435-3010. 
Anyone who has ever bought parts for a Ur-q will tell you how extremely 
reasonable $45 is for a part such as the carrier bearing. You get only 
the bearing (no rubber mount) and instalation is not easy. Everything 
must be marked before it comes apart so that the shaft will still be 
ballanced when you put it back on the car.
   I did mine with little difficulty, however I have a fully equiped shop 
with a lift. I had no ballance problems, but after I bought the bently 
manual I noticed that Audi says the job can not be done without some sort 
of driveshaft alignment tool. Since I put everything back together 
exactly the way it came apart I had no problems (especiatlly critical is 
the mounting of the carrier to the body).  Quiz your mechanic and see if 
he knows anything about the concept of driveshaft alignment. If you have 
to pay for the job you might as well get it done properly. So in other 
words you may want to pay a few bucks more and go to someone (such as 
your dealer) who really knows what they are doing (suposedly). 
  Rebuilt or new driveshafts are very expensive (imagine what they cost 
for a Ur-q) which makes a $45 bearing at least worth a try...
 Hope this helps...
 feel free to E-mail me if you have any further questions.
 Rod Wiggins