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wheel bearing update / brake question

Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CSQ

  Just thought I would let everyone know that the noise in the back was 
the wheel bearing and they also had to replace the hub assembly. :( But 
all is done and quiet again! 

  My next question concerns my mothers Subaru. A few months ago she 
needed front brakes, and so a friend of mine put on new pads. Since 
then, they've been squeaking and making grinding sounds as if they needed 
new pads again. So we took the car into the shop today, and the guy said 
that the brakes are ok, but since the rotors were not cut, etc. it makes 
those sounds. So either she can wait and live with the sounds until new 
pads are needed again, or get the whole thing redone.

  I guess my question is does that sound right? (As far as the results of 
not having the rotors cut) Do you need to have everything done when you 
put new pads on? Will it hurt anything to just put the pads on?