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Re: Q: '84 4KSQ

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, James Kerr wrote:

> Hello,
> I would appreciate some input on this quandry:
> I own an '84 4000S Quattro, 150k miles.  It has been damaged (deer) slightly
	[blah blah blah]

I think you should sell it to me for $350.. Ill give you cash as we 
speak! Im serious! Call me if interested.. Ill come get it even.

I would tend to bias towards the '84 since it seemed to me be a more 
'robust' car than the '87. I had an '84, and my roomate an '86 (I think). 
The gearing is better on the '84 as well.
Wheel bearings arent a picnic, but can be done yourself if you have the 
tools. How is the rest of it?! Seriously, if you want to sell, please 
call me.

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