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Re: wheel bearing update / brake question

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Steve Dambrowski wrote:

>   Just thought I would let everyone know that the noise in the back was 
> the wheel bearing and they also had to replace the hub assembly. :( But 
> all is done and quiet again! 


>   I guess my question is does that sound right? (As far as the results of 
> not having the rotors cut) Do you need to have everything done when you 
> put new pads on? Will it hurt anything to just put the pads on?
Chances are the new pads hare hitting virgin areas on the rotor, which 
are rusty. Typically the innermost or outermost edges. He's right, 
probably live with it, but the rotors SHOULD be turned if they had a lip 
on either edge. Will chew up the new pads quick like. For about $10 a 
piece, get the rotors turned, and put on the new pads again... assuming 
they arent toast yet.


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