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Re: lightin'

> > not sure why anyone would want to go that route frankly...  The 
> audi US light
> > compromise is in the design of the lens, reflector and the bulb, an
> > engineering nightmare only exponentially increased by putting a brighter bulb
> > in the mix....  But, a jc whitney argument is really the best one on this
> > issue......
> Thanks for the info.  I was not aware that the problem lay in the 
> design of the headlamp assembly.  Although I should have, because 
> numerous other cars use these same bulbs with better lighting.  <duh!>
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I do not think that the compromise is in the headlamp reflector
design. There is a GREAT voltage drop between the floating
battery voltage ( should be 14.1 volts, but the great Audi
engineers seem to prefer 13.x ) and what the headlamps see.
Before I put relays in, this was ( if I remember ) 0.6 - 0.7

If you put in higher power lamps without a relay, you might
end up with less light ( due to the higher voltage drops.

You might also end up with "fried" sockets... ( 100/80watts lamps)

Once you put the relay in, its a lot better even with stock
9004 lamps

Alan Cordeiro