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The (Direct) Costs of Speed--Update

Friends --

Thanks for the input, re: the thread, "(Direct) Costs of Speed."

Since this _is_ the quattro list, how 'bout approaching the data
collection process in a manner most congruent with the concerns/
threads that affect us (i.e. Audi/quattro enthusiasts).

Looking back through the archives and recent digests, those concerns
seem to involve:

a) Speed (i.e. bail amounts for driving in excess of posted speeds).

b) Driving crimes (though these would _never_ involve quattro list-
   members, it might be useful to see how $ foolishness can be!).

c) Equipment violations (see sample categories below).  

This last category covers everything from lowered springs to auxilliary
lighting, tooting greetings to fellow Audi enthusiasts, tinted windows,
aftermarket/holed exhausts, bad rings/valve guides,flash-to-pass, and 
cranking up the stereo till our ears bleed for Wagner's "Ride of 
the Valkyries."  And, of course, the costs/penalties for RD possession/
use (if any).  Feel free to include bail amounts for any other pertinent
equipment violations.

Please send bail data directly to me broken-down into the following
categories.  Actually, I'd be happy just to receive speeding bail
data.  For now, let's limit responses to the U.S.  This may grow quickly
and there's only *one* of me!  :)

Let's also limit bail amounts to state-dictated levels (I know...some
municipalities consider state bail amounts an increment on which to build).

The foresighted among us should remember that bail amounts may be concurrent.
For example, it's possible to be cited for an improper exhaust system *and*
creating unreasonable noise.

That said, here's the categories -- 


* Costs by speed increment (with source).

* Where there is a different fee schedule for violations over 65 mph, please
  note this second schedule as well.

* Since Audi drivers are safe drivers, we'll only list bail schedules as 
  they relate to *no* "accident involved"  (Most states have a dual schedule
  depending on whether it was a "hit" or a "miss."  Let's *not* consider
  bails for commercial licenses.

* Oregon State bail amounts follow each category below (Source: OSP, 

1 to 10 over - $89
11 to 20 over - $134
21 to 30 over - $329
30 + - $519

(Speeding with 65 mph limit)
66 to 75 - $134
76 to 85 - $329
85+ - $519


* Attempt elude/fleeing - $1176
* Fail to appear - traffic - $1113
* False info to police - $640
* Reckless driving - $1113
* Careless driving - $235
* Failure to use seatbelts - $89
* Following too closely - $233
* Speed racing - $649
* Viol basic rule - $ Discretionary
* Fail to obey traffic cont device - $89


* Use of prohibited lighting - $115
* Improper veh ride height/improper clearance - $233
* Improper use of horn - $115
* Illegal flashing of headlights - $115 ("use of prohibited lighting")
* Obscured/illegally tinted windows - $115
* Improper exhaust system - $115
* Unreasonable noise - $233
* Unreasonable sound amplification - $233
* Visible emissions - $89
* Fail disp plates (no front) - $519
* RD Use/Possession - N/A

"Pray for me; I *live* and *drive* in Oregon" -- Dan (8^{D}