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Re: *switching to synthetic oil

>         Why is a thicker motor oil better?  Can it absorb more heat--coat part
>s beter?  Should I switch back to Mobil1 15W50?  What about winters, even thoug
>h they are mild here?

Don't know about the thicker oils, but an aviation enthuisiast friend showed
my an
article comparing dino and synthetic oil for use in reciprocating aircraft
engines. The
Mobil 1 Aviation oil was touted as sticking to metal parts _much_ longer
than the dino
oil.  Mobil's tests was to dip pieces of steel in dino and mobil 1, then
subject them to
hot, humid, salty air.  The dino oil piece showed its first rust within
hours, the mobil piece
lasted for a couple days before they stopped the test.  I'm not particularly
worried about
rust inside my engine, but it is nice to have a thin film of oil on all the
bearings at start up!

Mobil says that mobil 1 sticks better because it is more "polar."  I guess
that means
that it only sticks well to ferrous metals, and not aluminum.  Interesting, no?
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation