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Re: New radiator for '86 Coupe GT

On Mar 29, 11:56pm, ejfluhr@wc101.residence.gatech.edu wrote:

> Why do you need a new radiator?
> I have an '85 Coupe GT, and it still has the original radiator.  My father
> has an '82 Coupe with the original still going.

On the same hand, my (her, whatever) 84 5kS has it's original radiator also
(with 177,000 miles.)  However, this radiator has so many holes in it that the
radiator shops laugh at me when I give it to them.  Car goes through a gallon
of water every week.  Only b***h is that you have to use antifreeze in the
winters, which gets expensive...  Local boneyards want $250 for a USED one (no
thanks) and the re-core people don't want to do it (something about being
aluminum.)  Good luck on the radiator...

87 5000CS TQ