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re:4000q thermostats

>>Now for an Audi peg to this posting.  What is the correct temp >>thermostat
>>for an '84 4000Q?  I recenly had the water hoses replaced and the >>service
>>shop told me that doing the diagntics they found that the >>themostat in my
>>car was set for a colder temperature than it should be-The service
>>manager, whom I have found to be quite honest and
>>reasonable, told me that running with a colder thermostat would >>help if
>>the cooling system had a problem, but since my car's system is >>fine,
>>moving to the 190 degree thermostat would allow the engine to run >>warmer
>>and improve its efficiency (mainly gas mileage) as opposed to >>running
>>artifically cooler.  All this makes certain sense to me.  Any >>thoughts?

>>>Guillermo S. Christensen

     Your service manager sounds right on track to me. The thermostat swap is
a popular "adjustment" on VWs, but shouldn't be needed if your car is in the
proper temp range for the driving you do. His info also lines up with the
specs in my Bentley manual. The stock thermostat opens at 189'F, which would
indicate a 190' unit. Stock is always preferred, unless you NEED to go to
another temp range.

-Chris Semple
'84 4000q