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sagging bumper cover

> Quick question...
> The front drivers side of my bumper cover always seems to come undone and 
> sag a little. Looks pretty bad. It doesnt want to stay snapped on... any 
> suggestions? Thanks
> Bob

You have an '86 5000 right? If so, the side of the bumper cover cannot
be snapped back on without removing it. The way its designed, the sides
of the bumper cover have plastic rails that slide over a plastic piece
anchored to the car's body. Presuming that the rail or the plastic piece
on the car's body isn't broken, you can fix it by removing the bumper
cover and sliding it back in so that the plastic piece fits into the

The Bentley manual would be helpful here. In case you don't have it,
here's the procedure ... quite simple actually.
1. Remove two bolts in front on the underside of the bumper cover (inside
   hex bolts - 10 mm, I think)
2. Disconnect the wiring/sockets for the turn signal lamps in the bumper
3. Disconnect the black plastic alternator cooling duct from the bumper
4. Pull the bumper cover towards the front of the car. It should slide
   right out.
5. Reinstall making sure the plastic piece on the fender is inserted in
   the rails in the bumper cover.

Hope this helps.