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Re: Alignment techniques

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> Bob,
> 	A friend of mine is an engineer at Rockwell in Troy, where they 
> do big truck suspension pieces.  They did a study two years ago to find 
> out what was the best alignment method in terms of accuracy and 
> repeatability.  Know what?  They found out that a sharp mechanic with 
> some string, levels, and tape measures and calipers could do a much 
> better job than the fancy laser systems!  I have done all of my own 
> alignment since then with very good luck.  Note, that this is how many of 
> the Indy teams do their alignments (basically)

I found the same thing. I know a guy that does it that way for me. It 
costs me about $8... and it takes him less time. He does a great job!

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