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87 4KS Clutch--BARF!

One of those days....
After running about 9 autocross events last year, plus an open track 
event at Nelson Ledges, my clutch decided to *go* while I was cruising at 
about 30mph on my way to the bank.(coincidence? bank? it knows!)

I bought a kit (disk, pres. plate, t/o bearing) from a local shop tonight 
and will install tomorrow (friday).  I am still shocked that this place 
had them in stock!!  Hope it fits though...BTW about $150 total

Anything other than the basics that I should know?  I have never done the 
job, but a friend assures me that it's no big deal, just a bit of time to 
do it right.  I have access to my father's shop (lift, air tools, etc.) 
so it really shouldn't be too bad.  Is there any Audi 4K specific things 
that I must do?  I'll check my mail early tomorrow, and let you know how 
it went later.

I remember that the sound "Ur" is like the "Urk" sound when a TQC sucks 
all of the money from your wallet.  Does that mean I can own an honorary 
"Ur" Audi?  Opinions are welcome.  (Oh God, I asked for opinions...)

			---slip, slip, slip, no speed 87 4000S, FWD