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*Radar Jammers

         My understanding of radar jammers was that they can work well, but onl
y under certian circumstances.
                   Someone who sells them told me that they only work from the
front (i.e. speed traps ahead of you), but if someone is behind you or alongsid
e, it won't help.  The jammer has to be situated on your front dashboard to omi
t the jamming signal, but remember, most of these units are very large, and wou
ld get to be an annoyance.  Also, I don't think most will warn you if there is
a speed trap ahead, they just block the signal.  I believe that some of the new
 ones are radar/laser jammers, although I question thier effectiveness.
                     But, C&D reported that these devices saved many 'One Lappe
r's' from getting tickets.  Although it would be hard to conceal a unit that bi
g, if he pulled you over anyways.

                                                      --Dan Hussey