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*Question on Shifter Boot for 5kQ


              I would recommend getting the leather, factory shift boot.  They
hold up much better than the vinyl ones ever did.  I just try to keep mine soft
 and naturalized with leather conditioner.  It works well.  So, you have an '88
 5000 Quattro?  What color is it?  How do you like it so far--I take it that th
is is a non-turbo, right?

               I have an '88 5kTQ, and I love it.  It needs some mechanical wor
k--has a rough idle, etc., but all in all it's been a great car.  '88 models se
em to be very rare.  I think it would be interesting to see how many they produ
ced in that year.
               I may replace my shift boot this summer, because it tends to pop
-up and off the bracket that holds it down almost every time I shift back down
into first.  So, if you find any info as to prices, please let me know.