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84 5kS timing belt

The timing belt in my (her, whatever) 84 needs to be replaced.  The manuals are
kinda vague on this.  I've been told that to get to it you have to pull off the
front bumper and the grill, which is no big deal.  I've also been told that if
you are replacing a belt that has not slipped or broken, you don't have to futz
with the timing marks, just pull the old belt off and install a new one.  Is
this true?  Can I just pull off the old belt and slip a new one on (assuming
the belt doesn't snap on the way home today)?  I'm really not looking forward
to screwing up the timing on that thing!  Anything else I should do while I'm
in there, other than replace the water pump and valve cover gasket?  TIA.

87 5000CS TQ