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Re: Alignment techniques

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> Bob,
> 	A friend of mine is an engineer at Rockwell in Troy, where they 
> do big truck suspension pieces.  They did a study two years ago to find 
> out what was the best alignment method in terms of accuracy and 
> repeatability.  Know what?  They found out that a sharp mechanic with 
> some string, levels, and tape measures and calipers could do a much 
> better job than the fancy laser systems!  I have done all of my own 
> alignment since then with very good luck.  Note, that this is how many of 
> the Indy teams do their alignments (basically)

agreed... but bear in mind, you know what you are doing, the indy team 
knows what they are doing.. but the boneheads at the tire joints dont 
have a clue!!  Example: I have an '85 f150 PU.  It has the plastic hub 
caps, that look like mags, right down to the 17mm lug nuts on it.  Some 
bunhole took his air wrench to ALL THE PLASTIC LUGNUTS, breaking them ALL 
off on ALL 4 wheels, before he asked for help. And I want him to align my 
Audi??? I think not! :)

Two things I let only the dealer do (if i dont have time) 4 wheel 
alignment and timing belt.

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