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  The "jammer" I use is called the _Eclipse_. It is about the size of a
  typical, modern RD. It is a "passive" jammer and does not "transmit" a
  signal of its own, will not set off RDs and is 100% *LEGAL*. It has been
  replaced by a newer model, I don't know the name. The theory behind its
  operation is basically this: it has very efficient reflectors that bounce
  the cop's signal back more efficiently that the signal off the car, at
  mid to long distances. It mixes noise into the reflected signal that
  fools the cop's receiving unit into thinking that the reflective source
  (your car) is accelerating and decelerating at a physically impossible
  rate for an object with the mass of a car, preventing the receiver from
  locking onto the source. Eventually you will get close enough to the
  radar unit that the signal reflected by the car will "punch through" the
  noise-injected signal reflected by the jammer, and at that point the
  cop's receiver will be able to lock on to your speed. This is why a
  quality RD, an aware driver and quick reaction time are still essential
  to successfully evade the radar speed detection device. It works best
  against modern DPS radar systems. With older X-band analog systems you
  can actually hear the warble in the doppler tone generated by the
  injected noise in the received signal.

  In actual operation I have been "saved" several times on the Mass Pike,
  as well as in Pepperell MA in a popular trap location where I have been
  bagged before ( without the jammer) and in identical circumstances and at
  >20 MPH over, definite ticket-territory.

  So, in all, it works and paid for itself the very first time.

  Long live the ECM war!