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Re: Where's my Pepto?? Was Wrecked 86 audi 4000q ForSale! (f

On Fri, 31 Mar 1995 llevitt@idcresearch.com wrote:

>         So the asking price is $2,100, right? (Checkbook in hand)
>         Twenty one hundred? Wah? Does it say hundred in the paper? That should
>         be twenty one *thousand*! Guess I'm going to get a lot of calls, huh!

Last year when I was looking for a new audi, I came across an ad in the 
paper (with picture) for a " '90 audi". I called the number, and asked if 
it was a quattro, he said "I think it said that on the back.." Looking at 
the picture, I saw the 15" speedlines and the rear tail spoiler. I said 
"Is this a 20V"?? (since I was holding out for one) He said "A what??"  I 
said "Ill be right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I got there, it was a '91 90 20V quattro, 44,000 miles on it. All 
options, power leather seats etc... Everything worked great. Looked 
absolutely brand new.
He was asking $15k, not thinkging the 20V was special... (which was a 
decent price for a NON 20V!). I said...
"needs tires, no spare tire in trunk, no mats and no radio antenna" 
(knowing full well its in the window...) I said "You take 12.5k?"
He said "Sure, Ill even wash it for that..) I said dont bother... I didnt 
want him to change his mind.  So Im still driving the car to this day.

(2 years ago, I found an original '69 Boss 302 in a barn in Albany NY. 
Originaly build sheet on window etc... $2500  :)  It too is sitting in my 
Sometimes dreams do come true, but you do a LOT of false chasing before 
you find it!

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