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constupid reports (was Re: Tires (Mail Order) (fwd)

just to give everyone an example of their madness:  a few years ago
when the 100V6 came out, constupid reports burned it at the stake
due in large part over their dislike for the jagged gate slushbox
shifter, never mind that at that time the q45 used it and so did
mercedes for the previous 20 years.  

years later, lexus sees the light and decides to do likewise.  do we see
the same foaming of the mouth?  of course not!  and now i find that the
new acura TasteLess decides to jump in too.. 

constipated reports.. it's just a state of mind........  :)


On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Robert Phillips wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Eddi Jew wrote:
> > I did see a tire test in (Nomex ON) a recent Consumer Reports. Might be 
> 					        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	
> Eddi, Eddi, Eddi,
> You are lucky.  The security program is usually set to unsuscribe anyone 
> who uses "that kind" of language.  It must need some adjustment. 

> (We still have to reset it from "Volvo" mode)   
> 		Don't let it happen again, eh?
> 			----Bob,  gaurdian of "Audi Values"