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ENE QCalendar list

This is the list of victims I have. If you emailed me and don't appear
on the list, email me again ASAP (I "R"eplied directly to all respondees,
so if you didn't get a reply lemme know that too):

      rdh@sli.com (lead victimizer)				2
From: Don Hoefer <hoefer@cary.eng.pko.dec.com>			1
From: conrad@lcc.stonehill.edu (Claudia Conrad)			1
From: "Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@starfleet.itc.snetlink.com>	2
From: "Jeffrey Woodard" <woodard@refine.enet.dec.com>		1
From: leveckis@icd.teradyne.com (Tom Leveckis)			1
From: James N Gagliardi <jg6r+@andrew.cmu.edu>			1 (or 2)
From: llevitt@idcresearch.com					4
From: Andrew Shea <uunet^hawk^anshea@ravel.sli.com>		1
From: mlarosa@InterServ.Com					1
From: "Eric T. Sylvain" <sylvain@ctron.com>			1
From: drobbins@wellfleet.com (David Robbins)			1