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Re: UrQ intake hop ups (fwd)

> hmmm... Don't remember the hose, it's been too long since I've been under the
> tqc....  But I can share this....  When my accordian hose on the 5ktq went
> (the one from the intercooler to the t-body), I thought that a accordian hose
> for air flow was not the most efficient, so in addition to buying the new
> accordian hose, I took the old one cut the t-body cap off and ran a piece of
> 2 1/2 exhaust pipe to the intercooler to ck out the flow idea...  got a
> couple of 10ths on the quartermile and found out the reason it's so flexible
> is that the engine rocks, the intercooler don't (oops, lost it).....  

Sounds like ya gotta bolt that motor down a little tighter there Scott!