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Re: Tuning Air flow

Scott, our differences are with the definition of the word 'tuning.' You 
are fairly correct in your assumptions of tuning from horn to tailpipe, 
however taken the entire length, the bigest gains, or should I say 95% of 
the hp. gain will be found at the airfilter and just beyond the cat. As 
racers, we know that if we can find a way to get .5hp more anywhere, 
we'll do it. So then, it becomes nec. to tinker with that final 5%. 

The Mikuni stacks do come tuned, nd in different variations, but 
remember, they do not use filters in those aps. And as I stated earlier, 
I'm sure Audi intentionally designed the airboxes for everything 
considered, noise, location, heat, economy and performance, to name a 
few. Once again, if Audi, or any other car manufacturer concentrated all 
their R&D money on performance, I'm sure we would see one hell of a neat 
looking airbox! 
and to think this conversation started over someone wanting to poke a few