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Re: Tire pressures

Earlier, Robert Phillips wrote:

> I think you are referring to what "they" call breakaway characteristics.  
> Some tires, usually street tires, exhibit a very gradual breakaway.  When 
> they approach the limit of adhesion, they break away (loose traction) 
> little by little.  This usually compromises the ultimate grip of the 
> tire, but makes the vehicle more controllable, especially to a 
> novice/regular driver.
> A cut-throat "race" tire like my Yokohoma A008RS, while still being DOT 
> legal, reacts more like a real race tire.  The grip is phenomenal, but 
> when it goes, it goes in a hurry!  They tend to break loose all at once.  
> This is not a problem to someone who knows where the limit is, but finding it can be a bit scary the first few 
> times.

I disagree.  Actual race tires will exhibit gradual, controllable, breakaway.
With race tires, it's a lot easier to get one end (or both) hung out, be
half sideways, and still control what's going on.  Race tires will get very
sticky when warmed up - I've returned to the paddock area and have had gravel 
from the access road stuck all over the tires. 

Some of the street radials behave like you describe.

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