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5000 models

we certainly have more fun with message subjects than owners of other
marques have, don't we?  We post messages like 5000 questions, 5000
problems, 5000 models!  :-)

>I'm considering buying a 5000 series and can't find a brief summary 
>of US models from 1978 to the present. 
>Being a former owner of a Audi 100GL 1978 year model (5000 in US)
>I'm also interested in the older models i.e. the big square boxy 
>ones pre 1984.
>I'd like to know what engines were used and models to avoid.

Probably the easiest way to refer the cars is to use Audi's internal body
designations.  The older model you refer to is the C2, the recently retired
(i.e., '84 to 92?) model was the C3, and the current car is the C4
(explosive performance, what?  :-)  ).

I'm pretty sure that the C2& C3 were only sold in the North America with
"atmospheric" and turbo versions of the 5 cylinder, as well as a 5 cylinder
diesel.  There were 4 cylinder versions in other countries.  As (almost)
always with VW/Audi products, there are no really bad engines or
transmissions.  Obviously, the diesel is slower than dirt, but one never
hears that its  a bad engine).

I had a German spec '82 C2 and found it a nice car.  It was more
conventional than the C3 - it had  "normal" brake and steering systems and
didn't have any galvanisation.  Rust, particularly in the rear quarter
panels, was a problem.

The C3 is a nicer car but has a well deserved reputation for high
maintenance.  You are best to avoid the 84s and 85s, and they get better as
you get towards the end of production.  My 86 requires about $500/year in
mail order parts to keep in reasonable condition.  The quattro archives will
provide more info about what to watch out for. The biggest problems, in
rough order, are the hydraulic boost systems, the cooling system, the
sunroof, and the climate control.  Despite (or because of) this, the cars
are a fantastic value for those who are mechanically inclined or have a good
cheap mechanic.
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation