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Re: Plus 1 and then some

>ow can I learn more about your SW? < Not sure what an sw is, I have a 87 &
86 5KTQ sedan.
> Would it help me in the following:  I have 
an '86 Coupe GT and am comtemplating changing the wheels from 14" (195 60 14 
tires)<  23.21"   
> to 15" (205 5015, 195 55 15 or whatever retains the external diameter). <
 23.07 =205/50  23.87=205/55 (my vote with a D40M2) and 23.44= 195/55 15.
 you are only 3/10th of a inch taller with the 205/55, and if you go to a
wider rim (15X7or 7.5) the extra spread should put you back to stock dia (or
really close, close enough that tire man claims measurement is a larger
error)....  This "plus one" should have a very little effect on the roll
center or camber or track or anything for that matter.....  what you will get
is a car that corners better (my g-analyst shows pretty consistent .5 g bumps
by increasing wheel with by 1 inch only<general rule, not gospel>, then you
add the extra stiffness of more wheel less rubber into the equation) all the
positives of this move more than offset any negatives.....  I will warn tho,
to pay attention to the offset when purchasing aftermarket wheels, most 5
bolt apps are mercedes 300 body wheels on the q's......
What effect would this change have on handling and suspension parameters?  
Should any of the suspension settings or components be altered?  
Moving to a larger wheel BTW may help your selection too, but the main and
best reason is that you will notice a night and day difference in the
handling of your car, doing nothing else......