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Re: 5000 models

Excerpts from audi: 19-Apr-95 Re: 5000 models by "Arun Rao"@frisbee 
> > >I'm considering buying a 5000 series and can't find a brief summary
> > >of US models from 1978 to the present.

> > >I'd like to know what engines were used and models to avoid.
> >
> > Probably the easiest way to refer the cars is to use Audi's internal body
> > designations.  The older model you refer to is the C2, the recently retired
> > (i.e., '84 to 92?) model was the C3, and the current car is the C4
> > (explosive performance, what?  :-)  ).
> >
> > I'm pretty sure that the C2& C3 were only sold in the North America with
> > "atmospheric" and turbo versions of the 5 cylinder, as well as a 5 cylinder
> > diesel.  .... Obviously, the diesel is slower than dirt, but one never
> > hears that its  a bad engine).
> >
> >-- End of excerpt from jason douglas
>         ... and a turbo-diesel 5 : which was a bit faster than dirt,
>         they tell me :-).  Seriously, though -- a doctor friend of
>         mine owned a (C2) turbo-diesel and never complained about
>         performance.
>         -Arun
I own an '81 audi 5000 diesel, and it's a great car(relatively
speaking).  I only paid $400 for it, and it passed inspection the same
day I bought it.  The only thing I have repaired is one CV joint
boot(about $10).  I've had it for almost a year and almost 15,000 miles,
but it needs some work now, and I'm afraid the second I spend any money,
it will blow up.  

It's even fun to drive.  There's something uniquely satisfying about
driving as fast as you can with your foot on the floor everywhere you
go, even if it's not that fast.  On the Interstate you you can easily
cruise at 65-70, though you need to downshift to 4th on hills.  Any
Idiot(flame suit on) can drive a 300hp 5000tq fast.  In regular road
driving, you have so much power to spare that when you see a sharp
corner approaching, you can slow down as much as you want because you
know that the instant the boost kicks in, you can accelerate as fast as
you want.  But...when you drive the diesel, you have to enter every
corner as fast as you can, because you have no power left over to
accelerate if you slow down to much.  

Take and S4 for example.  It's much too good of a car, with good tires
and AWD, it handles so damn well that you can drive every road in the
country at its posted speed limit and it isn't even fun.  In order to
push a car like this to its limit, you practically need your own race
track.  Sure you can have fun, but you'll end up with a stack of
speeding tickets.  On the other hand, in the old diesel I can come
barreling around a tight corner at about 50 mph, turning about 5500rpm
in 3rd gear, Radio on, sunroof open, driving lights blazing, and cops
will just sit there laughing at the huge cloud of black smoke behind my

of course I'll still trade anyone's s4 for my diesel...didn't think
anyone would jump at the offer.

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