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Re: marbles and smoke

Had the pleasure of driving a 5000 diesel for about 6 months and 20k miles
while out east for training back in 86....  I can relate to all your points
on this, it's my opinion that a guy with a good chassis but no power is the
smoother driver, cuz he has to be....  Anticipation, speed retention thru
turns, easy on the brake till you have to, precise high speed steering,  are
all factors the Drivers schools teach to the hi horsepony guys......   And
the mileage was in the 40's driving agressively thru the mountains of the
east coast....  A great experience that still brings smiles to the face
(thinkin about that tailgater in NY that would not let go, then I floored it
up a hill.....), and appreciation for a solid chassis not power being forced
upon you.......   Still won't change in my 350hp tq for one tho....  :~)