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'82 5000T: Friend needs help with hard starting car ..

	Fellow quattro-listers,

		Now that I've bragged to everyone about how great
	this list is .... :-)

		A friend of mine who isn't on the list has trouble with
	his '82 5000 Turbo (sans turbo, btw).  I have attached his
	message to me below, and he would appreciate getting
	suggestions directly.  I made the few suggestions I could
	think of, but I'm sure one of you knows exactly
	what to do ...

		Thanks in advance!


--- Forwarded mail from psrivast@unlinfo.unl.edu (piyush srivastav)

From: psrivast@unlinfo.unl.edu (piyush srivastav)
Subject: my problem....
To: rao@pixar.com
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 13:35:22 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Arun,

Ok, so here is my (actually my wife's) audi's story.  82 5000T.
But the Turbo has been isolated in it and thus does not work, but thats

The compression in cylinder #5 is low, I also have the numbers written
somewhere.  I had recently shown it to a mechanic and he told me that
that was causing more problems and that we should get rid of it.  I can't
remember what exactly he had said, but I'll look at the receipt and see
what he had said and may be even talk to him again and have him explain
to me again.

But the problem that is bothering us is that it doesn't start properly.  As
a result, several times it has not started at all.  And then after sometime
(like maybe an hour) it will start.  Twice or maybe 3 times it just didn't
and had to be towed to the mechanic (as the battery died eventually).

>From the time that we bought it it had a starting problem that usually didn't
bother us.  When we were starting it for the first time in the day, usually
morning, we would have to switch the ignition ON for sometime (~30-45 secs.)
and then crank it.  During this waiting time we will hear the fuel pump
working and we will hear "thump thump" sounds, and after that sound stops,
then we were supposed to crank (as instructed by previous owner).  We didn't
have to wait before cranking the rest of the day.  So this was going on and
it didn't bother us as it was after all starting !  So I guess, the fuel pump
is also not correct one as it does not created enough pressure.  Also the
mechanic was saying something like it is supposed to shut off at a certain
after I turn the key, but mine does not.

It was only during this past winters that things started getting worse (our
first winters with this car) and I was totally disgusted, especially since
it was my wife's car and I didn't want her getting stuck all the time.

Just recently I discovered that two of my spark plug wires were broken !!
They had been just sort of shoved inside "that place" on top of the plugs.
I don't think that they were making good contact.
So I ordered a new set and today I am going to put them along with new plugs.
New wires costed around $36, they are for 5000C, CS.  Wires for 5000T were
costing $75 !  My mechanic said that I could use the other ones so I got them
as they were much cheaper.

Do you think that changing wires can solve the problem.  I also saw some
oil leaking from around the plugs.  That too may not be a good sign.  Once
I open the plugs today, I will have a better idea as to how it looks inside.

I am sorry to send you this LONG message.  Any ideas ?   Please let me know
if you have any questions that might help you.

Piyush Srivastav				     psrivast@unlinfo.unl.edu
Department of Geology					  (402)-472-2604
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588-0340		  (402)-472-4917 fax

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