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Re: 5KCSTQ-Euro lights? Coupe GT Euros?

I'd be interested in buying the CGT Euro lights if anyone wanted to buy them in 
bulk with me.  glenn
To: quattro @ coimbra.ans.net @ INTERNET
cc: graydon @ apollo.gmi.edu @ INTERNET (bcc: Glenn Kaufman)
From: zm @ mhcnet.att.com (Zafer Mehmood  [209]) @ INTERNET
Date: 04/19/95 11:33:10 AM
Subject: Re: 5KCSTQ-Euro lights?

>  Eric's post about the 4K euro lights has reminded me that I need 
> a set Euro lights for my 5K.  Does anyone out there have any for sale, or 
> know where I can ge some without spending an arm and a leg?
> Thanks very much,
> Later,
> Graydon D. Stuckey

 I'm looking to buy a set of Euro lights too for my 87 5K TQ,
pretty much right away. One of the existing lights has a hole in it from
a stone chip and the insurance has already reimbursed me for it. So I
may as well buy Euro lights and pay for the other one. When I did some
calling around, I had found $339 each to be the cheapest; other places
quoted upto $700 each! If there are enough of us wanting to buy Euro
lights may be we can do a group purchase like the IA mod. Would you
be interested? Any others? Please respond as soon as possible.


Zafer Mehmood       AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com      Murray Hill, NJ