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Re: Tire pressures, etc

> First, I said:
>>I disagree.  Actual race tires will exhibit gradual, controllable, breakaway.
>>With race tires, it's a lot easier to get one end (or both) hung out, be
>>half sideways, and still control what's going on.  Race tires will get very
>>sticky when warmed up - I've returned to the paddock area and have had gravel
>>from the access road stuck all over the tires. 

Then, Robert Phillips wrote:
> Ah, the joys of sticky rubber!
> What are you referencing your results with?  What tires and what vehicle?
     [  remainder about 14" street tires deleted  ]

I was running Goodyear race tires on a Porsche 911, racing SCCA Regionals
about 20 years ago.  There were plenty of times I was sideways, crossed up,
and everything else - and managed to continue on down the road.

Plus, I've taken a number of FTD's autocrossing with the 1969 Porsche,
again running Goodyear race rubber.  That car, I've had since 1970,
and it's gone through successive engine replacements, and other stuff
to where it is now.

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