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Audi scale models

> Richard  Davis writes:
> > Ti, 
> > Come on now, anyone can buy a prebuilt buggy!  For my money, the  model is
> > the Tamiya TQC Euro version.  Building a replica of my car as we speak. 
> Actually, I have three of the Tamiya 1:24 scale plastic models.
> Two of these are the Euro early TQCs, and one is the rally
> car (Michele Mouton/Fabrizia Pons's world championship car).
> I also have an Audi 90Q 1:24 model from Fujimi.
 Tamiya also made a 1/10 scale quattro rally Radio control model, It has 
AWD and an adjustable suspension with oil filled dampners etc.  Very 
fast. For those unfamiliar with Tamiyas r/c cars, I assure you these are 
some serious toys!   The bad news is this car has been long-since 
discontinued (although I found a sticker set in a hobby shop) and I have 
yet to find one. Expect to pay approx $250-300 if I find a new one, 
somewhat less used. Maybe someday....

P.S. I too have built the 1/24 scale TQCs. good detail, but check out 
those extra rear suspension links.? My 1/1 scale car doesn't seem to have 
them, hmmm.

What can I say, I'm hooked on quattros,
83 Ur-q