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Re: ovlov

> No, you are right... Ill bet if you asked anyone (Ok, me anyway) Why we 
> dont like V*, we (I) wouldnt have a good reason! 

I tend to agree - now that I think about it, my own personal bias against 
ovlov's stems from a historical dislike for ovlov DRIVERS (in Britain where
I used to live). People who buy volvo's there are characterized as
self-righteous types who are convinced everyone else is responsible for
their own poor driving. Over there, giving ovlov drivers a hard time has
been elevated to the level of a national pastime. The only people who take
more abuse are echsrop drivers - obviously for totally different reasons - 
there are a lot of jealous SOB's in Britain.

I'm saying nothing about US ovlov drivers - actualy most US drivers appear
similar to British ovlov drivers, (but I'm breaking my usual policy of
avoiding criticising Americans, as I choose to live here).

I also despise ovlov's marketing - bleating on and on about how safe their
cars are, whereas they're probably no safer than any other modern car of
similar size and mass.