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DISC: Honda & Audi

> Tak Cheung said:
> I wonder what's the Honda's equivalent before there was a Honda...I would
> say VW/Audi :)....
IMO I have noticed small details over the years that make me wonder if Honda 
doesn't actually look to Audi for ideas.  It started when I noticed that the 
Honda accord sedans had similar tail treatments to my '78 Fox.  It got to the 
point where I misidentified them from a distance as Audis.  The styling of 
all cars came to look a lot like the aerodynamic 5000 design, but it seemed 
to me that Hondas had the most faithfully represented lines.  When Honda came 
out with the Vigor, they switched from a transverse FWD design to a longitud-
inal one, and added a cylinder!  I've never looked under the hood of one, but 
I expect it to look rather familiar.  Honda did improve upon the design by 
taking the power off the middle of the crankshaft to help with weight bal-
ance.  The one that finally convinced me was a sticker I saw in the rear 
quarter window behind the driver's of an Acura (Integra?).  It showed a set 
of four awards that the car won ... each one was circular, and they overlap-
ped just a little bit ... Audi rings!  I'll bet if we dug deep enough we'd 
find some deeply hidden corporate connection between the two companies.

Steve Buchholz

How do you say "Vorsprung durch technik" in Japanese?