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Re: 5KCSTQ-Euro lights? Coupe GT Euros?

>Improving factory lights has shown mixed results with several people
>on this list. Using  higher wattage bulbs requires rewiring with relays;
>and causes melted sockets. The beam pattern itself is bad on these
>US DOT lamps; adding more powerful bulbs helps very little with a
>diffused, scattered and unfocused beam pattern. The other alternative
>is to add auxiliary lights to supplement the headlamps - holes in the
>bumper, wiring, and all that.

Correct. If you add the euro lights it is also reccomended you install
relays as well. The relays will save your headlight switch from cooking.
According to John Beckius at Sport Wheels Ned found this out with his
daughters 4000Q.


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)