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Autocrossing,Reno, NV-QCUSA

Attention Audi Quattro Club, USA members
West Coast members.....take note

Since Thunderous Hill was postponed....
(Still working on that date....)

I am planning an informal QCUSA meeting
in Reno, NV... this weekend....any takers?

What are you guys and gals doing this
weekend? I hear it is going to STOP SNOWING! SOON.
Sunday is suppose to be nice!

I am planning to Autocross with the SCCA
Reno group on Sunday, 23rd, 8:30 am sharp.

Reno, NV Live stock event center parking lot
Wells Ave &.... $20 non-SCCA members... 
Other quattro club members will be there.

If not this weekend what about the Bay
Area soon? My little sister lives in Los Gatos.....

Steve B?
Chuck L.?

e-mail me & let me know on Fri. 21st.

Thompson Smith <Thompers@aol.com>
'83 Ur-q (RALY RACR) 
'86 5000CStq
Autocrossing in Reno, NV Sunday 23, 8:30am