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*T.A.P Dancing????

        Hi everyone,

              I wasn't really interested too much in this whole chip upgrade an
d thought that I couldn't really afford it since I pay so much in maintenance a
lready until I heard about the TAP mod adding +60 hp for $350 (group deal w/ 3
people).  This caught my attention!  I'd always heard a lot about Ned's chip, b
ut the $700+ pricetag turned me off immediately.  This is a big price differenc
e and the hp increase is the same, so what am I really going to get for the ext
ra $300.  I thought that these chips would all pretty much be the same.

               Now I'm hearing that Ned's having a group deal too, for $550 per
 computer, and that's still high, but enough to maybee start to really look int
o which is the better chip.

               I was wondering if some wiz kid on this net who knows more about
 this stuff (been confused by some of the past posts--they seem to contradict e
achother) could make an "easy to understand" (for morons, like me) comparison b
etween the too.  One of the two chips should come out ahead in the comparisson
without it being too biassed one way or the other.  I'd really appreciate it if
 someone could do this.

                Trevor, the technician from TAP seemed to be saying that after
the mod is installed, some of the functions of the computer will be affected (o
r become useless or "outdated"), such as the booset gauge on in the dash.  Well
, I've got two questions: 1) Why won't the dash boost gauge be usefull anymore?
(from what I hear, it works fine with the IA mod), and 2) wouldn't the cutoff o
n boost be upraded to a new limit, or is it just over ridden (or do I just not
know what the hell I'm talkin' about)?  He said, be carfull not to let the boos
t rise above 14psi--Does this mean there's no electronical limiting on boost?,
or is this what needs to be finitely adjusted with the waste gate?

                 I didn't think there would be all this testing and adjusting t
o be done when installing the chip.  I musta been uneducated or somethin', caus
e I thought ya just threw tha darn thing in there and <boom> instan increase of
60 to 65 hp!  Now I'm finding out it's a lot of trouble and I'd probably wind u
p paying my mechanic to install it, costing me more $$.

                  The other thing I was wondering was whether there were any re
al long term effects on a car thats had the computer "chip" upgrade.  I've hear
d it can increase fuel efficiancy (and as Scott said can at the same time be ki
lling your engine), not something I wanted to hear.  I know someone with the Su
perchips upgrade and they keep telling me how great their fuel economy is, but
now I'm wondering whats really going on in that engine of his (not a pretty tho
ught, huh?).

                   Well, I'm about ready to call off this hole upgrading thing
and just keep my car stock and save myself the trouble (and engine life).  Well
, what do y'all think? I was looking for a simple way to add a few extra hp an
d not have it cost me an arm and a leg--seemed to good to be true.

                                                    Utterly confused!,

                                                        Dan Hussey
                                                         '88 5000TQ