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Re: morse code instructions

Which is why I queried....  Having done the mod myself, I knew you or someone
had to pull that cover off to do the mod....  Which is why, when I read the
"instruction manual" copied verbatum from the **P boys, I don't expect to see
such a blatent omission of detail....  And, it would seem to me, if you are a
guy just spending 300 some USD on an upgrade, you shouldn't have to ask for
updated instructions, you should demand that they be supplied....  My
suspicion is, based on that instructions, maybe someone has never even looked
to see if it "still" or even applies, and that's a scary thought........
 Sorry to jump on ya glen, details, however minoooot should be not overlooked
on these mods when you're putting your machine on the line for someones Black
Box Magic....  And error is EXPENSIVE here....