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Re: Info from TAP

> bar, so if you have in excess, you must run an aux guage.....  My own opinion
> is that we shouldn't have any more posts from the "sales" department,
> technically competent or "not".......   We're bordering on the earlier posts
> concerning advertisements here, and I am not a proponent of phone #'s and/or
> Selling here.....  I don't want Ned here either, or Superchips or Hypertech,
> this is by definition a third party net, don't change it just cuz a sales guy
> got wind of 15 potential computer mod buyers and needed to defend
> hisself.........

I'm not sure that I agree with you here Scott ... I agree that the info 
from Trevor was pretty lame, but this is precisely the forum we need to 
get the facts (if the suppliers are willing to provide them).  By reading 
the information provided by TAP, I learned that I'm not real confident 
with their product.  I'd like to see all of the tech info available out 
there on these ECU upgrades in order to make an informed decision.

Steve Buchholz