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urQ: New Quattro Gold Portfolio

Just got my copy of the new Brooklands Gold Porfolio on the Audi Quattro 
(1980-1991).  It has >40 articles from different magazines on the QTC.  
Most of it is interesting, but there is one article in there about a 
British tuner that bumps up the Euro-spec version of the QTC from 200HP 
to 250HP.  Apparently most is done with head/cam work, but he explicitly 
stated that he didn't want to mess with the max boost, and he had some 
opinions on putting together a 300+HP motor.  Don't have time to excerpt 
it here, but I'll try to do so later.

I got my copy thru Classic Motorbooks, I can supply phone #'s upon re-
quest.  The ISBN number is 1 85520 3030.

Steve Buchholz