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Re: diff locks

  Open diffs Vs locked diffs on auto-x courses depends a lot on the HP of
  the car. I too have found that both diffs locked on the 4000Q is usually
  slower Vs both open. However, on the '85 ur-Q, both diffs locked was
  definitely faster. I actually took an FTD (for street legal tire shod
  cars) in the ur-Q on a totally *dry* day, with the diffs locked. Many
  were amazed at the performance of the ur-Q. So, benefits of locked Vs
  open depends a lot on available HP and torque, as well as available
  traction. After much experimentation and testing I have found that I get
  the best results for my driving style (RWD power-on oversteer, steer with
  the throttle) in the 4000Q with only the rear diff locked. With only the
  rear diff locked you can break the rear tires loose quite easily, steer
  with the throttle and negate the inherent understeer totally, and drive
  the 4000Q rally-style, with the rear end hangin' out. A lot of
  experimentation with tires and tire pressures was also required to get
  the proper balance and RWD behaviour. With both diffs open on the 4000Q I
  have a real problem with the inside rear tire goin' up in smoke comin'
  out of the tight corners. Both diffs open seems to work best on the 4000Q
  on large, open road courses like Lime Rock, etc, where traction is not as
  much of a problem as in the tight corners of an auto-x course. I've never
  spun a Quattro under any condition, road or race. I was known as the
  "spin King" when I was racing the '73 RA IV 455HO T/A (now retired and
  "semi-converted" back to "street"). One look at the throttle in that car
  and yer gone......cone city......how *many* cones did I hit......is that
  *really* a record......?